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A as in Accession / Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya

A as in Accession / Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya

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 The Letter A

This is the first tape drop! Throwing some A buzzwords your way to think about in the recording, but decided to call this one "Accession" which simply means the addition of something. This project aims to acknowledge the importance of accessibility. The approach will be one that is affirming of the artisanry of others in an audio-based format. The hope is that with this first round, you will become affectionate and allow for more drops to arrive at your door.

Coffee (40grams)
Brew Recipe

Juan Pena

V60/Kalita/Whatever Ya Got
Hacienda La Papaya
20 Grams
800 Microns (Beach Sand)
Anaerobic Washed

Method: Tetsu Kasuya / 4:6 Method

Accents: Crisp Gala, Mellow Malic, Soft Finish
Aroma: All Spice, Floral, Complex

TRACK LIST: Side A & Side B 
A1 A Words - Alexander Roach
A2 Advocacy - Karl Wienhold
A3 Artisanry - Ted Fischer
A4 Assembly - Kat Melheim
B1  Acknowledgments 
B2 Audio Recipe - Naiman Rigby
B4 Ambient Track -  Blips&Drips


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