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B as in Black / Burundi (All Black Supply Chain)

B as in Black / Burundi (All Black Supply Chain)

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The Letter B

This is the second tape drop! Brought to you from you an All Black Supply Chain - bestowed upon us by CxffeeBlack. Major thank you to Bartholomew Jones of Coffee Black/Anti-Gentrification Club here in Memphis, TN. Initially the ask was just to purchase some of their Burundi Lot they had stored. In awesome fashion, we were able to coordinate an interview about the goals of CxffeeBlack and their partners. Check it out on the tape (which includes a digital file link).

The coffee was sourced via BD Imports (owned by Phyllis Johnson). Here is an excerpt from their company page: "BD Imports is known for its work on gender equity and giving a start to women in coffee-producing countries. Our company prides itself on its advocacy and action on gender and racial equity, BD Imports founder, Phyllis Johnson recently founded the Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity, a non for profit focused on building racial equity within the industry." This coffee in particular was sourced from women producers and mill stations apart of Kalico Coffee where women specialize in processing Red Bourbon across seven washing stations in the Kirundo and Muyingo provinces of Burundi. 

Support the current project of Coffee Black: The Barista Exchange Program.

On Side B, Dante Baker takes brewers through a recipe on the Kalita Wave. You can use this coffee however you wish, but it just really shines there. This brew recipe was produced by Sustain Coffee - also here in Memphis. Dante was one of our first baristas at Boycott Coffee and currently works with the Sustain Coffee Crew every Sunday serving up knowledge. His taste buds you can trust. 

Accompanying Dante and closing out the tape is the music of jazz pianist and artist, Antony Muhammad. Antony calls Memphis home but was raised in Oakland, CA. I had the pleasure of meeting Antony very randomly and he was gracious enough to re-release this track on cassette. You can find his works on Spotify under the same name but please consider purchasing his album "Out of Darkness" off of Apple Music.

Coffee (40grams)
Brew Recipe

BD Imports /

Kalita/Whatever Ya Got
Kalico Coffee 20 Grams
Burundi - Muyingo & Kirundo Province 1000 Microns (Medium/Coarse)
Red Bourbon

Brew Method:  1:16 ratio

  • 00:00 pour to 59G
  • 00:45 pour to 289G
  • 02:25 pour to 336G
  • Time: 4-ish Minutes
Base: Full Body, Caramel Candy, Clean
Bearing: Cocoa, Juiciness, Malty, Honeydew, Chrysanthemum

TRACK LIST: Side A & Side B 
A1 B Words - Alexander Roach
A2 Black Supply Chain Bartholomew Jones // Yung Tutu: Aba Jifar - Cxffee Black
B1  Bean Basics 
B2 Brew Along - Dante Baker
B4 Jazz Track "Scales of Justice" -  Antony Muhammad

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