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F as in Fair Trade / Mexico Chiapas

F as in Fair Trade / Mexico Chiapas

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The Letter F 


This tape completes the Trade Set (as I've come to call it). We have talked about Commodity, Direct, and now Fair Trade. I was able to schedule some time with members of Fair Trade America, primarily with their Director of Commercial Partners, Katie Kowalski. We discusses the success points of Fair Trade as well as its place in the industry. I have come to understand that in the specialty scene there is not a lot of common ground as to what type of trade or relationship is best. It becomes even more complicated when different perspectives hold the same values in regard to quality and farm ethics. I was thrilled to have this conversation and very appreciative. 

On the B-Side of this tape, I discuss this project a bit more openly. Namely, I discuss failure and delays. Overall, this project has one limitation and that's me. Navigating this bi-weekly schedule has been increasingly challenging. I am very thankful for those who have been so encouraging along the way. Spoiler Alert: G is for Gratitude!


Coffee (40grams)
Brew Recipe

Sierra Madre, Chiapas

V60/Kalita/Whatever Ya Got
Union de Ejidos Profesor Otilio Montano (UDEPOM) 20 Grams
Mexico 1000 Microns 
Bourbon, Arabe, Marsellesa, Caturra 200-208F

Method: Try to go for just 2-3 pours

Flavor: Black Tea, Crisp, Dry
Finesse: That Old Diner Refill Fell

Side A 
Fair Trade - Katie Kowalski 
Side B 
Failure - Alexander Roach
Free Country - Fast Food Group


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