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H as in Heritage / Ethiopia Kayon Guji

H as in Heritage / Ethiopia Kayon Guji

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The Letter H

When I asked Queen, a long time friend here in Memphis, to be part of this tape I was thrilled that the response was positive. I shouldn't have been surprised as this person has the biggest heart. Queen is Ethiopian by birth, but claims Memphis as her forever home. The city is so much better for having her by its side. We talked about representation of culture in the city and crossing over boundaries. The theme here was Heritage.

On side B, we talked more about traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and I explained my aspiration to roast this coffee on a small home roaster, courtesy of Sweet Marias with their involvement with the Popper*. It went fine, but I definitely am happy that I have the 3kilo at the Boycott Coffee space. The coffee is an Heirloom varietal to stick with the theme. 

Coffee (40grams)
Brew Recipe

 Kayon / Guji

V60/Kalita/Whatever Ya Got
Kambela Wamena - Genet Kebele 20 Grams
Ethiopia 900 Microns 
Heirloom 200-208F

Method: Try to go for just 2-3 pours

Home: Unsweetened Cocoa / Syrupy / Grape 
Hint: This Roast was tricky!

Side A 
Heritage - Queen Titile 
Side B 
Heirloom - Alexander Roach
Harmonica - Neiman Rigby


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