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D as in Direct Trade / Honduras Finca Terrerito

D as in Direct Trade / Honduras Finca Terrerito

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The Letter D

D is for Direct. Coming off of the letter C is for Commodity, this end of the value chain spectrum presented itself in the most obvious way.

The coffee selected for this is from Honduran producers, Leticia Lopez and Harry Hutchins of Finca Terrerito (a farm that has been with the family for 5 generations). I have had the pleasure of purchasing from them for years now. I was able to interview Harry who has many roles and acts as the person behind their sales force. 

It’s important that I don’t use words that make it seem like I’ve had a relationship with the farmers of this coffee beyond phone call pleasantries and order requests. My direct trade connection with this group is primarily that of customer. Terms like partnerships or even using a word like relationship can suggest that something stronger or more impactful is happening. The sort of wonderment we have come to feel or appreciate about International Trade between just the producer and roaster has given us reason to believe that it’s more or less genuine depending on the intensity of the connection. Topics of trade are developing, increasingly sensitive, and unpredictable. Some say it’s the perpetual uphill step towards a more human system of shared equity and others that it has been a wishful effort from the start distracting from the realities of the industry - then anything and everything between. 

I’m thrilled and thankful y’all are going to hear someone show an advocate perspective in a way far better than I and that you will be able to taste I coffee so close to my heart.

The coffee is one that I have had the pleasure of working with long enough that I feel confident that I have been able to dial in a roast profile for it. It should be noted that as this project continues there will be times that I am not available to roast coffee. Fortunately, a very talented roaster, Naiman Rigby, is able to be commissioned and their work is that of passion and complete understanding and regard for the product and its origin.

Coffee (40grams)
Brew Recipe

Leticia Lopez

V60/Kalita/Whatever Ya Got
Finca la Unica / Finca Territo 20 Grams
Honduras - Copan
700 - 900 Microns
Parainema 200-208F

Long bloom, 3 pours, 1:15 ratio

Disposition: Juicy, Sticky, Creamy Dashes: Cherry, Tangerine, Chocolate

TRACK LIST: Side A & Side B 
Side A
D Words - Alexander Roach
Direct Trade - Harry Hutchins
Side B

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